@TheMinimals & @YouMobile’s Urban Life Challenge: This was a quick walk-by shot taken with the Camera+ app on my iPhone 5. It came out rather overexposed and grainy, but I loved the contrast between this man and the summer beauties surrounding him. I cropped it to square using ProCamera. I like the detailed information this app offers and how it’s square option crops at full size while displaying the real megapixel amount. I then ran the image through AutoAdjust to balance out the contrast and highlights. I absolutely LOVE this app and don’t think many people know about it. It allows more control over light intensity than most other apps do. As mentioned, this image was rather grainy so I used the noise reduction and sharpen options from PS Express. As the final touch I used PhotoCopier’s “White” filter under the Photo tab, followed by some tweaking in Filterstorm. Hope you like it! #urbanlife_contest #theminimals #youmobile #nyc #washingtonsquarepark #Tina_Bw (at Washington Square Park Fountain)

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